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Bordered by the Sangamon and Illinois Rivers, Mason County is well situated for industry as well as agriculture. With its fertile soil, the county has been recognized as one of the leading agricultural areas in Illinois. Since the advent of irrigation, our farmers have diversified into many specialty crops such as popcorn, cucumbers, melons, and tomatoes earning the county title: "The Imperial Valley of the Midwest." Five barge terminals line the banks of the Illinois River to facilitate the movement of the agricultural products to their destinations. The county's transportation needs are further served by the crisscrossing of seven major highways and the Union Pacific Railroad and the Illinois Midland Railway. Industries include Illinois Power, Walker Industries, and many agricultural support businesses. Mason County is also home to the Jake Wolf Memorial Fish hatchery, Chautauqua National Wildlife Refuge, Sand Ridge State Forest, Mason State Tree nursery, and the Sanganois Conservation Area. The landscape of the county is dotted with nine incorporated municipalities, each with its own special history and heritage. They offer unique shopping areas, historic homes, fine schools and churches, and a full schedule of festivals and celebrations throughout the year. Excellent medical services are available through the Mason District Hospital, the Mason County Health Department, two modern nursing homes, and a variety of clinics, doctors, and other medical professionals. Many recreational opportunities are provided through the county's four park districts, two golf courses, and numerous areas for hunting, fishing and camping. Mason County has a rich historical heritage which is to a large degree still preserved in the architecture, the landscape, and even the lifestyle and the memories of its citizens.

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